Match Point: The Creative Laptop Bag Every Geek Should Have

Another marvelous project from Yanko Design! Its looks like that since ages we have been carrying the same, old-fashion laptop bag. No innovation since quite sometime. Lets think of a bag that has finest of both the worlds as far as technology is concerned. Laptop for all the business and fun needs and tab for artiste in you. Here’s something like the stuff that we have been talking about.

Creative bag

creative bag

creative bag

Well-known designer Jacquelyn Schmelter created this bag titled “Match Point”. The good part is that laptop and tab can switch places, so in case if somebody is left handed, not an issue. The sleek thing will change places just as you require!

For people with artistic and designer tendencies this is a must have stuff. This vibrant innovation suits the life and work style of today fast paced schedule, where in one do not have the time really to sit back on work desk and do ingenious work.

creative bag

Superior leather upholstery combined with latest state of Art technology, what else one needs to get creative. Inherently quick to open and take small notes and design ideas on the go. It’s an accessory that can really raise eyebrows around making fashion statement as well as piece of class and utility at the same time. Need to send a quick email or else want to complete the article that you started today morning just start and do anytime, anyplace you desire.

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