Cruz T301 – 7″ Capacitive Touchscreen Android Tablet in $199

Cruz T301 shouldn’t be considered as a tablet! Cruz T301 is prefect as an ebook reader. Made with the budget factor in mind, you cannot expect iPad like features in Cruz T301. Its ideally good as an ebook reader rather than performing tablet activities.

Cruz T301 is really a cheap built tablet which is good for moderate portable activities.Hardware specifications are good as compared to its price, however performance-wise the tablet lags.

Cruz T301 has a 7inch capacitive touch screen display featuring multi touch at resolution of 800×600. Display panel is TFT, with an aspect ratio of 4:3. Dimensions are good for 7inch tablet especially the thickness which is 0.57″ thick.  Cruz website says it is featured by dual core processor, and 256MB of RAM. That’s really low but good as compared to pricing. It even comes with 2GB internal memory for storage as well as expandable storage option using microSD and microSDHC. Internet connectivity is through WiFi only which will lead to market places to download apps and books.

Cruz T301 is powered by Android smartphone operating system (Android 2.2) Froyo. Though old, but balances the hardware specifications. It supports wide range of media formats which include MP3, AAC, WAV for audio and MPEG-4, AVI, MOV for video, thanks to Froyo. Reading formats supported are PDF, TXT, HTML and even applications like Amazon Kindle.

WiFi brought good access to Amazon Kindle for reading books and gave easy way to get apps from Android Market. However all the applications are not supported by it due to low hardware. Skyfire, Dolphin Browser and Yahoo Mail works with easy but biggest fail was when most popular game Angry Birds wasn’t supported by it. Battery backup provides 6 hours of video and similar for reading text.

Cruz T301 by Velocity Micro is available for 199.99$ at leading stores in USA as well as online. Check out the official website for more information over here


  1. I made the mistake of buying TWO of these “tablets” for my kids for xmas!! And whats worse is my husband threw away the boxes that morning, so i was not able to return them. I figured out a way to put a flash player on them so the kids could at least watch videos……but still most game apps are not supported and wont install.

  2. This tablet has some of the same hardware as HUAWEI ASCEND and I have 2.3 custom firmware on it and it’s not slow and I was able to play games like angry birds and it supports adobe flash and netflix. So I figured that I should try and make a custom rom on it like the HUAWEI ASCEND and put it out for the public.

  3. one of the worst tablet’s on market, .pdf can not read, specialy other language then english

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