Customize News Streams on Mac Desktop with Retickr

Retickr is a social media and news application that tries to enhance your Internet experience and increase the information flow by bringing it to your phones and tablets.

In a way it acts as an E-Mail, Social Media and RSS aggregate that focus on personalized News, Social Sharing, and Simplicity.

With Retickr you can stream all required information through an intuitive ‘stock ticker’ option that allows quick access to your Facebook, Twitter and E-Mail accounts.

The application is now available on Mac and offers customization in terms of speed and position. For instance, one can alter the stream speed (from Retickr ‘Preferences’) whenever required and adjust the application to any side of the screen.

Speed Adjustment

If you are of the view, this application suites all my requirements then create an account by following these simple steps.

  • Register yourself with Retickr if you are a first time user. After entering the appropriate Log-In and Password details Sign-In to the service.
  • The main window will prompts you to specify the news genres and will later group them in convenient playlists. The playlist can be invariably modified as per one’s convenience.
  • After specifying the news types head towards ‘Email’ tab and enter your email credentials. The email log-in information will be converted into a code (Encrypted) to avert any possibility of hacking.

E-mail tab

  • The final step is to Synchronize your social media (Twitter and Facebook) accounts with Retickr for sharing some recent news and articles with your friends.
  • Click on ‘Social’ tab and choose ‘Sync’ from the window that will be opened up on your computer screen.

Social tab

  • Click on ‘Finish’ to display the main interface for feeds playlist management. If you wish to Reset your Retickr account password you can do so by accessing the ‘Account Settings’ option.

Retickr application is compatible with Mac OS X Lion 10.7 and will function equally well on Mac OS X 10.6.6.