How To Cut, Copy and Paste In Your iPhone

It was very difficult to use copy and paste text using an iPhone. It is now easy for iPhone users to use these kinds of options by following the given methods, by using this option of copy and paste you can easily copy a rich text file or an e-mail and you can easily paste it to the desire location. This feature was not present in the previous iPhone. Before only iPhone 4 jail break phone could do this through some applications. Apple implemented the copy paste feature in iOS 3.0 onward. But using application for small things like this is not necessary now.

The method given below is not so hard to learn, it is an easy one like ABC taught in schools. The given steps are the methods can be followed to learn copy and paste texts using your iPhone.

How to copy and paste in your iPhone?

  • While reading an text SMS or while browsing the web you find some text interesting and you wish to copy them to your notes or you want to text someone using the same sentence, then simply hold your finger to the screen ,when the magnifying glass appear then using your second finger touch the screen to locate the pointer.
  • At the top a blue bar appears which shows that you are in the selection mode. Now place your finger in to that position from where you want to copy and by tapping another finger a dialogue box gives a pop up that gives the option of copy.
  • Now tap upon to the copy option and go to the desired location where you want to paste it.
  • You can now paste it by simply hold your finger to the screen and a magnifying loop will appear on the screen, as it appears use your second finger and tap on the screen and a clipboard appear.
  • Now select the text from the clip board which you have copied and it will paste there.
  • The mentioned steps are the simplest method of copy and paste, which can help you easily learn and can make you work easier with iPhone 4.