Must have Cydia Tweaks for iOS 5

Last year Apple came up with iOS 5 which brought in many cool features along with the performance update. After it was jailbroken, people enjoyed its benefits and used their devices beyond native offerings that Apple had to offer.

iOS 5 itself offered many useful features like the Notification Center, Reminders, OTA Updates etc. To add more cheese to it and make your iOS experience more simplified here are some Cydia tweaks which I recommend you to have on your device.


It is the way iOS 5’s lock-screen should have been. IntelliscreenX revamps your simple lockscreen with tons of widgets associated with your tasks and notifications. It’s a perfect blend of Notification Center along with SBSettings widgets, together taken on the lock-screen for simplest and easy access.

Available in Cydia store for $9.99.


BiteSMS is a rich messaging app which comes with variety of features including quick schedule, quick reply, quick compose and much more. Alongside it also supports iMessage and comes with Notification Center integration.

Available in Cydia store for FREE.

Zoom is back

With iOS 5, Apple introduced pinch to zoom gesture for the native camera app. Some users found this feature weird and in continent to use, so if you are among them ‘Zoom is back’ for you, it replaces the pinch to zoom gesture with native tap and slide to zoom.

Available in Cydia store for FREE.

iOS Notification Center Widgets

Notification Center brings easy access to all your recent notifications with Weather and Stocks widgets alongside. To extend the ability, Jailbreak tweaks collectively called as Notification Center Widgets add some third-party widgets to the Notification Center. These includes SBSettings, AppsCenter, MusicCenter etc.

Available in Cydia store for FREE.


Ipsum allows you to clear the stacked and unwanted notifications on your lockscreen. Just by sliding the notification icon left to right and back left, the notification is cleared from your lock-screen. This provides free room for the next notifications.

Available in Cydia store for FREE.


Notification Center is designed with a thick grey background over which all your notifications are placed. NCBlurriedBackground is a Cydia tweak which replaces this solid background with a blur glass background giving rich look to the native Notification Center.

Available in Cydia store for FREE.


Zephyr is a modification to the stock multitasking interface on iOS. Instead of double tapping the home button for the multitasking menu, Zephyr brings Nokia N9 style switching between the apps just by sliding from left to right and vice-versa. It also provides you simple gestures to close your app just by sliding from bottom which is much more responsive than the home button.

Available in Cydia store for $4.99.

Springtomize 2

Springtomize is a complete bundle to customize your springboard the way you want. It allows changing the animations, resizing icons, adding more apps to your dock, customizing your lockscreen, status bar, and folders and also tweak Notification Center.

Available in Cydia store for $2.99.


Launched back in December, Spire allows porting of ‘Siri’ – Apple’s personal voice assistant on older iOS 5 supported devices.

Available in Cydia store for FREE.

LockScreen Multitasking

LockScreen multitasking provides multitasking bar straightway in the lock-screen. This saves more time, as you don’t have to unlock your device, search for the app and run it. However, it doesn’t bypass security pass-code.

Available in Cydia store for FREE.


If you are bored of the same carrier name format on the status bar of your iDevice, use Zeppelin. It brings a pack of coolest Carrier logos which entirely replaces the carrier name with variety of logos such as, Android, Assassin’s Creed, Batman, Beats by dre, Space Invaders, Superman and many more.

Available in Cydia store for FREE.


A small modification made on your lock-screen which modifies the camera shortcut button to open any desired app of your choice.

Available in Cydia store for FREE.