How To Delete All Contacts On Your iPhone by Two Different Methods

iPhone users normally get confused while deleting the contacts from their SIM cards or phones or they never try this options but deleting all contacts comes in hand while you change your iPhone or when you sell it. Deleting contacts one by one is really time consuming and an irritation to user.

Here are 2 methods for deleting all the contacts at once. If you want to change your iPhone and you don’t want your contacts to be shared and you wish to delete all your contacts or you want to delete all contacts for some reason then you can follow the steps given below.

There are two different methods for deleting all the contacts from your iPhone. The first method is by deleting the contacts by using your iPhone and the other method is by using Computer or Laptop.

Step 1: Deleting all contacts using iPhone.

  • By using phone you can delete all contacts in setting options.
  • Just go to the setting options, here search for general option.
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the general settings, here you will find an option of “Reset”.
  • By tapping reset option another screen will appear which will ask you some options.
  • In those options select “erase all contents & settings” and now confirm it by tapping over “erase iPhone”.

Step 2: Deleting all contacts using Computer or laptop.

  • Deleting all contacts is also possible to do by using computer, all you need to do is connect your iPhone to your PC & select restore factory settings. This will restore the original setting as the iPhone was before when you bought it and it will erase all your settings and all kind of data.

For jail broken phones there is another option of deleting contacts using application called Cydia application.

  • Open the Cydia application and search for erase contact option.
  • Install this application and locate it on your home screen here a red colored cross icon will appear.
  • Select the erase contact icon, after selecting it will immediately erase all the contacts without confirming.
  • All the methods given are applicable for deleting all your contacts but don`t forget to backup all your data.


  1. I am not able to use bluetooth on my iphone4 which I bought couple of weeks back. It identifies the other device but doesnt transfer or let any other device send too. Pls advice. Thanks

  2. Restoring factory settings will upgrade the BB too and users will loose their unlock. I’ll instead vote for Cydia method. What say, Anurag?

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