How To Delete Songs and Music from iPhone

If you are a music lover then music is definitely your escape from most of your loneliness. Music is more fun if you have it to experience on an iPhone. But for a music lover, no numbers of songs are enough. Unfortunately, not all iPhone users have that much space on their device to afford lot many songs. You have to make space for the new entries. Deleting songs are not a big deal. You can delete the songs you don’t listen anymore to make space for new songs. Let’s show you how you can delete the songs on your iPhone.

Step 1: Go to settings. Unlock your iPhone. Tap on the Settings to open settings on your iPhone.

Step 2: Tap on General. It will show you the list of all the settings options of your iPhone. Locate “General” from the list. Tap on it.

Step 3: Storage and iCloud usage. General settings again will open a new list of general settings. Locate “Storage & iCloud usage” from the list. It is named “Usage” on iOS8 or older versions. Tap on it.

Step 4: Manage storage. There is an option of “Manage Storage” in this section. Open it by tapping on it.

Step 5: Select Music. Tapping on Manage Storage will show you the list of all the applications which are holding any kind of storage on your iPhone. Locate “Music” from the list. Tap on it.

Step 6: Tap Edit. In the Music section, you will be shown the list of the songs you have on your iPhone. You will see the option of “Edit” at the top right of your screen. Tap on it.

Step 7: Delete songs. Now you will see a red circle with the symbol of minus, at the left of each song. Tapping on this option will delete that song from your device.

You can delete as many songs as you want at once. Note that this action cannot be undone. Once you delete your song, you will be done it with. So, that’s it. This is how you can delete songs from your iPhone. That will add up some more space to your device. Get some more music then.