Dell Alienware M14x – “Performance with Portability” Reviewed

Dell has come out with another family member of the Alienware Series. This is Alienware M14x. After reading the specification sheet of the laptop I found that this one is better than M15x and slight ahead of M11x also. I was really excited to spend some time with this one and finally my wait was over. I was allowed to spend some time with the M14x and that was enough for me to test this one. Well we tested the M14x from all aspects and here’s the detailed review of it for you guys.


The Dell Alienware M14x has got a sporty look which was noticed in the previous Alienware laptops also. This has been Trademark of Alienware laptops which is pretty stylish. The quality of the product used in the shell of M14x is very impressive. It isn’t going to lose its glossy effect anytime soon. M14x is tough and weighs about 3 kg’s which is heavier than most of the 14 inch laptops.


The Alienware M14x has got a 14 inch WLED screen which is nice and glossy. In the line of 14 inch laptops most of them are having screen resolution of 1366×768. But M14x is a step ahead and is having a screen resolution of 1600×900 – a perfect aspect ratio 16:9. There’s a small webcam located on top of the screen which will help you out while you are on Video chat via Skype, Facebook or Google+.

The Alien Command Center software which comes pre-loaded with the laptop allows you to play with the lights of keyboard. This was also available in the previous models of Alienware laptops but this time you can also have different kinds of colors in four different sections. The M14x keyboard is divided in four sections.

Alienware M14x is powered by an Intel Core i7-2720QM processor of 2.2 GHz, 6 GB DDR3 RAM and a 1.5GB Nvidia GeForce GT555M Graphics. It has got 320GB of Hard Drive. Hardware combination is quite good but we expected some more amount of Hard Drive space and a few GB’s of RAM considering its price.

It has three USB ports (all USB 3.0, backward compatible), a VGA and HDMI port,  9-in-1 card reader,  gigabit ethernet and headphone & mic for connectivity. In terms of Wireless connectivity it has got Wi-Fi (802.11 n) and Bluetooth.
Windows 7 Home Premium Operating comes pre-loaded with Alienware M14x.


When it came to performance Alienware M14x was doing what it was expected to do. With a powerful i7 processor, loads of memory and the fast spinning Hard Drive the M14x scored 9189 on PC Mark Vantage. We can ensure you that, till date all the apps will work on M14x without any hesitation. Multitasking won’t slow down this rig. Most of the Video Editing applications worked without any sort of problems.

We played Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 at 1600×900 and turn all the video options to Maximum at it averaged at 37 fps. While in the similar conditions Crysis 2 averaged at 22 fps. When it came to multimedia we didn’t expect Alienware to do something new. But we were too early to predict on this one. The Display is nice and bright for watching Full HD Videos. The On-board speakers were pumping out sounds at acceptable levels.

The laptop has got backlit keyboard and touchpad. With the flat-top keys the keyboard looks good. The feedback of the Keyboard is very good. Even at complete dark conditions the keyboard and the touchpad of the laptop will stay visible under a variety of backlighting options.

The Battery life of Alienware M14x isn’t that great when compared to other 14 inch laptops. While watching a HD Movie the battery lasted for around 90 minutes. Well this can go much further when you are using office or light applications.


Priced at Rs. 94,500 the Dell Alienware M14x will attract a lot of users. Though we think, it’s priced little bit on the higher side. On Amazon you will get this for around $1300. Buy it from Amazon


The Alienware M14x fits nicely between M11x and M17x. Portability with Performance. This will let you to game anywhere you want.  This is a perfect rig for the LAN Gaming Parties.  Check out the review of the older model


Dell Alienware M14x - Ratings