Destroy the Contents of a Website with Destroy the Web

Stress, Stress and Stress. This is the word we hear all the day during the working days of a week. Over stress may kill the creativity of the person – so there should be some break between the work and a five minute break away from the work may give you the relief from the stress. Here is one game which you play on the web browser during the office hours either on the Firefox web browser or Chrome web browser.

Destroy the Web is the simple game which you can play on your browser by installing the extension of this either for Firefox or Google Chrome. The concept of this game is simply you need to destroy the contents on the browser like Images, Hyperlinks, Headings, Tables within the time bound of 30 seconds. After the completion of game your score for game is displayed and you can submit it online to compete with the scores of the other people who have played the game.

After the installation of this extension an icon of Destroy the Web,  the extension is displayed at the top right corner of the web browser on either Firefox or Chrome. Open the tab of the website and hit the icon at the top right corner of the web browser.

Next the Destroy the Web game starts after the countdown of three numbers then hit the Images, Hyperlinks, Headings what ever you see on the page, for each hits you make the score counts. One thing when I hit an Advertisement on the web page  it navigated me to other for which I lost a few seconds of the game so, it is better not to hit Advertisements on the if you are serious to achieve top score.

After the completion of the time limit the total score of your game is displayed. Hit submit button to submit you score to Destroy the Web website to compete your score with the others who have played the game.

The above image explains how my Facebook News feed has turned out after playing Destroy the Web game.

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