Destroy Flickr Offers a New Interface for Browsing Flickr Images

Flickr by every mean is a great service. Some applications make it even better by helping users manage Flickr from their computer Desktop. For example, there is Destroy Flickr, a service that provides a complete new interface for exploring/browsing Flickr images.

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The application is based on Adobe AIR system and helps users add attractive looks, cool animation effects to their Flickr images while browsing them. It has only one shortfall. What’s that?

Only users who have a Flickr account are authorized to use DestroyFlickr so, to an extent, this factor limits the reach of application to many users. Apart from this, it works just fine.

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Destroy Flickr:

  • At first, users need to download Destroy Flickr and Adobe Air if you don’t have it installed on your computer. If you already have a Flickr account the application requests you to authenticate the application with your Flickr account.
  • As mentioned earlier, Destroy Flickr comes with functionality needed to manage a Flickr account from the computer desktop so, you just need to login and you are ready to browse images in a totally new, cool interface.
  • Once there, you could easily see your profile page. It displays few of your recent photos along with the most recent images from your contacts. You could easily get an enlarged view of any image by just hovering mouse over the desired image.
  • If you would like to add any files, you could simply do so by clicking “Add” or just dragging-n-dropping them into the window.
  • The ingenious application automatically starts to queue up your new photos to your Flickr photo-stream.  All you need to do is hit ‘Submit’. That’s it!

DestroyFlickr thus offers a simple yet colorful interface for browsing and uploading Flickr Images, just like the website but from your own desktop. It works on Mac and can be downloaded from here.

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