Difference between Facebook Pages and Facebook Groups

Facebook connects us socially, by letting us create and join Fan Pages & Groups according to our likings and interests, where we can write and share the updates, links, photos & videos with friends and even with people who we are not aquainted with. Many people think that Facebook Pages & Groups are the same, whereas technically both are very different.

What are Facebook Pages

Like a Facebook Profile, Facebook Page enables Places, celebrities, businesses, organizations and other things, to create their presence on Facebook. Facebook Pages are visible to everyone on the internet by default. You can connect with Facebook Pages by liking it or by becoming a fan. It enables you to receive page updates in your News Feeds and lets you interact with them. Just like the Facebook profiles represents genuine names, so too Pages. Officially business or organization should create a Facebook Page but it’s up to you.

For example, I am a big fan of Shah Rukh Khan so, by connecting with the official Facebook Page for “Shah Rukh Khan”, I can keep myself updated on his latest news and other information through it.

When I click the Like button here, then I’ll start receiving all the updates from the these Facebook Pages.

This is how a Facbook Page uses to looks like after “Like” it.

If you like Microsoft & Windows, you might want to connect their Facebook page here. If you like Gadgets, Social Web, Apple, you could connect with our Facebook Page here.

What are Facebook Groups

Facebook Groups is the place for small groups to communicate and for people to share their interests and express their opinion among them. Facebook Groups makes people to come along for a common cause, issue or activity to organize, express objectives, discuss issues, post photos and share related content. When you create a group, you can make it available publicly for anyone to join,  according to your security scenarios you can give the joining on the basis of requiring administrator approval for members to join or you can keep it private and by invitation only. Like with Facebook Pages, new posts by a group are included in the News Feeds of its members and only members can comment, or chat as on the group.

For example, I love Salsa alot and I have joined the Salsa India’s Delhi club on the Facebook Group to get all the updates from them for all the salsa parties, competitions and trainings they are doing in Delhi/NCR.

This is how a Facebook group looks like . Where you can see all the news feeds and all the happenings of the group.

I hope this clears all the confusion you have about Facebook Pages and Facebook Groups!


  1. Hi Kent,

    Well, it’s not completely copy paste but the meanings of both posts are the same. Actually the data looks like more similar to other post on Facebook Blog because the differences which I explained are similar. But when you actually compare according to the language of both that’s not actually same.

    But if you still think that it’s completely same then let me know.

    Rishu Mehra

  2. This article is just completely copied-and-pasted from the Facebook article, with only the “for example, I am a big fan of Shah Rukh Khan” swapped out. The author of 90% of the content of this post is Nick Pineda. Here is his original piece:


    You should cite getting the material from his piece, since he deserves the credit :) Cheers!

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