The Differences Between Google Chrome & Chromium Browsers

Most of you might have used the Google Chrome browser and it is fast as well as simple. But, do you know about another same browser available in the market? Yes, there is a Chromium Web Browser. Here in this article, you will find the difference between the two Web Browsers.

Chromium is the open source project that stands alone. Google took the source code of Chromium in an idea of making their own branded Web Browser and named it as Google Chrome. Many developers and companies have taken the Chromium code and released different web browsers under the Chromium name.

Google Chrome and Chromium Web Browser both are same in names and logos but it differs in features, logo color and producer. As you know that Google Chrome is known for being one of the fastest browser and having an easy-to-use user interface compared to other Web Browsers. Chromium is also similar to Google Chrome. But Chromium is not directly integrated with the Adobe Flash Player, so we must install it first, whereas Google Chrome is directly integrated with Adobe Flash Player, so you don’t have to install it separately. Chromium is an open source Web Browser. Like Linux Operating System and Firefox Web Browser.

Features of Google Chrome:

  • Crash Reporting
  • Metrics
  • Video and Audio Tags(AAC, MP3, Vorbis and Theora)
  • Adobe Flash plugin included in release
  • PDF support plugin included in release
  • Sandbox is Always turned On
  • Package type is Single deb/rpm
  • Quality Assurance are tested before sending to users
  • You will fine more developed branded extensions for this Browser

Features of Chromium:

  • Video and audio tags (Vorbis and Theora)
  • Adobe Flash supports NPAPI plugins
  • PDF support (it downloads and displays with system PDF viewer)
  • Sandbox might be disabled (depending on distributor)
  • Package type is distro specific, sometimes split into multiple parts.
  • Quality Assurance Sometimes nightly builds without testing.

If you are searching for a browser that is up to date then the answer for your search is Chromium, whenever Chromium releases something it is directly to the users and the users can use it and when you find any errors you can directly report it to them, Whereas in Google Chrome, you have to search for new releases and updates, then download it and you have to install it. Both Google Chrome and Chromium enable you to a faster and secure browsing experience. Safe Browsing is the main part which protects your PC from Malwares and other effective viruses.  There are not many buttons or toolbars in the browser and it therefore makes you feel spacious. It also has the options for multi-tab to use  several sites at once.

Chromium almost runs in all Operating System , you can install Chromium in different  versions of  Windows, Ubuntu and Linux. Chrome can also be used in all Operating Systems and different versions of Windows. But the use of Google Chrome is more so the support is given to Chrome, But it depends on browsers whether Google Chrome is better or Chromium.

You can download Chrome Web Browser on Official Google Chrome Website and try Chromium Web Browser.


  1. I like your article. :)
    One additional thing depends rather on the OS: Only Chrome for Windows has the Flash sandbox. So, if you’re using the Linux version, you might consider leaving this security-risk out by engaging YouTube’s HTML5 or Gnash (in Ubuntu “sudo apt-get install gnash gnash-common mozilla-plugin-gnash”).

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