Best Smartphones under Rs 20K

Nowadays, everyone wants to have a Smartphone. There are many Smartphones available in the market worldwide. So, this time I decided to hunt best ones with a budget of Rs.20000.

I went to a market and viewed many Smartphones available in that range. I found 9 phones that suited all the requirements and were listed in the final list of phones under 20K.

The phones listed here were already released in 2011. So, here’s a detailed report on the phones.

The Phones up for compare:

  • Sony Ericsson Xperia Ray
  • Sony Ericsson Live with Walkman – WT19i
  • Motorola Defy Plus
  • Sony Ericsson Xperia Pro
  • Nokia Lumia 710
  • Samsung Omnia W I8350
  • Apple iPhone 3GS
  • Nokia N8-00
  • Samsung I9000 Galaxy S



Starting the compare from the Apple iPhone 3GS. It’s the most oldest in all the phones we have included in this compare. But iPhone 3GS is doing wonders with iOS 5 and with huge fall in its price it has gained a lot of popularity in the global market. The touch of the phone is pretty good and despite of being old it gives tough competition to the other phones in the compare.

There are a lot of Android devices out in the market but I have shortlisted some of the best Android phones which were available in the price bracket of Rs.20000. There are 5 Android phones in this compare.

The Rough and Tough Motorola Defy Plus impressed a lot with its performance and its build quality.  In Terms of display The Samsung Galaxy S still rules. The 4.0 inch AMOLED capacitive touch is awesome. You can’t expect more. Though it ships with the older version of Droid i.e. Android 2.1 but it can be updated to Android 2.3.6 build XWJVZ which is available on the internet.

The Xperia Live with Walkman is the smallest of all droids. It has a screen of just 3.2 inches. But, if you are a music lover you are definitely going to love the Xperia Live. The sound output of Xperia Live is pretty good. The bundled headsets are awesome. The phone has also got a secondary camera that will suit the requirements of a user.

The Sony Ericsson Xperia Ray and the Xperia Pro are having the similar spec sheet. But here, Xperia Ray is smaller than Xperia Pro. Xperia Pro is also having a full QWERTY keyboard which makes the phone ready for social networking. The camera in both the phones is really good. The 8.1 MP camera with 16X Digital zoom is powerful and allows you take photos of high resolution. Both the phones also allow you to record HD videos and are having secondary cameras.

If you are not such a big fan of Android you can go for a Windows Phone. The devices come from the big brands like Nokia and Samsung. The Nokia Lumia 710 and The Samsung Omnia W I8350 are having the same configuration. In terms of looks The Lumia 710 is ahead of Omnia W. The Lumia 710 was far behind in the competition but the recent price cut of the phone have created some hustle in the Windows Phone Section.

Well, some rumors are going around that there might be more cut in the price of Nokia Lumia. So if you are looking to buy this one you can wait for a while. The Omnia W I8350 is few bucks cheaper than the Lumia 710 and is having a secondary camera of 0.3 MP which isn’t there in Nokia Lumia 710. The Windows OS doesn’t allow you to play with UI much but the Metro UI is really a cool thing to have.

I also kept Nokia N8 in this category. After getting the Anna Update, performance of Nokia N8 has improved a lot. Apps run smoother than they used to run before. The  12 MP camera is awesome and the On-the-Go features have always been the specialty of this phone.


Taking a look at the prices of the phones, The Ericsson Live will cost you around Rs.14,500 and is a good buy. If you are an Android Lover definitely go for this one. Otherwise from my side, the Best Price Tag goes to Samsung Omnia W I8350 which is available in the Indian market for around Rs.15,200 and beats Ericsson Live almost in all the sections. Though Ericsson Live is having great sound quality.

When it came to the best performer the Xperia Pro and Motorola Defy Plus were amongst the choices. But with a larger AMOLED display and the better user interface made the Samsung Galaxy S the best Performer. The Samsung Galaxy S was faster than Xperia Pro and Motorola Defy Plus.

But on overall basis, Motorola Defy Plus is my pick of all. Priced at Rs.15,500 (MOP) it’s the best phone out there in the Indian streets under the price bracket of Rs.20,000.

The Compare Chart:

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Final result:

Best Performer:

Samsung I9000 Galaxy S

Best Price Tag:

Samsung Omnia W I8350

Author’s Pick:

Motorola Defy Plus