DigiKam: Feature Filled Photo Management Software for Linux

Though Linux does not posses enough photo editing software, it does have few good ones for example, DigiKam. DigiKam appeals many professional photographers. Its sheer number of features for editing the photos, managing libraries and albums and exporting pictures to other services make it one of the most feature filled photo management software for Linux. Some features like geotagging photos and availability of numerous plugins are not available in any other photo management software or on any other platform.


  • Comfortably import from your storage devices.
  • Access to compare similar pictures side by side.
  • Add tags and comments to albums and sub-albums for easy steering.
  • Create innovative things like calendar, slideshows etc. with your photos.
  • Support for over 300 RAW file formats and numerous plugins.

It gives you access to certain settings, the first time you start up. The choice provided by it to manage your libraries and albums in a certain way is a superb thing to go!
The biggest drawback of the DigiKam come in the form of its confusing interface. It won’t appeal much to beginners or casual users. Most of the buttons are small and you can’t judge them by just looking at them. You need to hover over them to get a glance of their functionality.

We would also suggest you to go through the documentation once before starting up. Being a KDE program it will bug many of the users as it has lots of dependencies to install. But it’s still worth the muscle it provides to manage our photos.


Once you get used to it, it is going to help you a big time in editing and managing your photos and albums. And also the features like geotagging and availability of plugins give it thumbs up! Overall, a must use photo management tool.