6 Disadvantages of Web Traffic Exchanges

Internet has now become a means to earn; through any source the major point is to have high traffic. So bloggers tend to collect traffic from all possible ways, one of which is to collect it through Traffic Exchange. Traffic exchange can help a beginner to increase the number of visitors/readers. In this way traffic exchange play an important role and makes your website get into the count of Google analytics.

But Google has a strict policy against traffic exchange in web pages. Therefore this forms the major disadvantage of using the traffic exchange. Hence people who wish to use traffic exchanges should create separate pages for advertising in Traffic Exchanges.

Apart from this the other disadvantages of using traffic exchange are-

Credit system:-

Using the credit system you will get hooked on to surfing and that can affect your business as the time spend for your own site will decrease. Credit system is a system where you gain credits by surfing many other sites and in the traffic exchange network and then the credits are use to display the site’s advert.

Bounce rate :-

This is another main disadvantage; traffic exchange can increase your bounce rate to large extent as people will be interested only in the page which is advertised and not in the content, so they don’t visit any other page of the site. Many visitors visit the page for less than 10 seconds, at times there are situations when “auto surf option” offer a timing of 10-60 seconds which drastically increase your bounce rate.

Conversion rate:-

The conversion rate is very small for these traffic exchanges networks, so you will have to adopt lot of testing to get best results.

Google’s exception:-

As mentioned above Google strictly avoids ranking traffic exchange sites high, into their ranking.


Shared hosting sites can send 150 + visitors at a moment, this may crash your system and your hosting will suspend your account. Addition of more widgets will increase your speed to large extent but will also reduce your SERPs.

 Shared hosting:-

The shared links like MKTGID and 2Leep can become the major disadvantage. 2leep wont give any clicks, but will return 500% extra traffic. MKTGID will give you 1-2 clicks every 100 visitors, but the widget links are dofollow, so your Page rank will be leaked to MKTGID. They may also sell ad spots in your widget without your knowledge but are actually getting adverts.
Hence try avoiding the usage of traffic exchange. Even if you involve in it, make sure you redirect the traffic.

Let me know if you think otherwise!