Three Big Disappointments in Samsung Galaxy S III

The Samsung Galaxy S III finally showed off on May 3rd in UK. As per the announcement made in the ‘Unpacked Event’ i.e. Samsung Galaxy S III Official launch event, the Samsung Galaxy S III should hit the markets by May 29. The Samsung Galaxy S III is believed to be the most powerful Smartphone on the planet which is loaded with a number of features. If you still are unaware of the features of Samsung Galaxy S III, you should read all about Samsung Galaxy S III first.

Even after much innovations the device Samsung missed out on a few things. Let us check them out.

Disappointments in Samsung galaxy S III


The Look and Design of  Samsung Galaxy S III isn’t that great. After taking a look at the press shots we were not impressed by the device. We were expecting the device to have some gradient pattern design on its shell like HTC Phones. They could have come out with some different design which could have surprised. But we weren’t surprised by the design as we have seen such designs in the past as well. The Samsung Galaxy Note looks much better than the Samsung Galaxy S III.


Earlier, it was rumored that Samsung Galaxy S III will come out with a 16 MP camera. After a few days rumors told that Samsung Galaxy S III will have a 12 MP camera. But the Samsung Galaxy S III has finally come out with an 8 MP Camera. It’s having a feature called zero shutter lag which will help you to click photos at a faster rate. But we have seen this kind of technology before in an iPhone. The Nokia N8 is having a better camera than this one. The Nokia 808 PureView is having a 41 MP camera. We know that it isn’t a camera phone. But it belongs to a “Samsung Galaxy S” family, so the expectations from Samsung Galaxy S III were high in each section.


Samsung Galaxy S III comes with a lot of features. Though we haven’t tested the phone yet but 2100 mAh battery sounds a bit low for a device which is loaded with so much features. With this amount of features we were expecting Samsung Galaxy S III to have at least 2800 mAh of battery.

These are the three disappointments of Samsung Galaxy S3. We could have added one more to this tally. The S Voice feature of Samsung galaxy S III is similar to iPhone 4S’s Siri. But the S Voice supports 8 languages which is a good thing to have.

We haven’t tested the device yet and the cons have been pointed out by reading the specs and looking the press shots of Samsung Galaxy S III. Stay tuned for a detailed review of Samsung Galaxy S III.