Diwali Apps for Nokia Smartphone from OVI Store

Technology has become a part of our day to day life, making our daily life changing according to the modern world. While tomorrow is the Celebration of Diwali and Nokia also want all of its customer to celebrate the Fun and Lights of Diwali with new Diwali Apps from the favorite Nokia OVI store.

1. Touch2Sparkle

Touch2Sparkle provides you with an awesome and interactive touch based cards Game on the perfect occasion of this auspicious Diwali. This Game goes with the logic that once you make a match with the pair of card, then it gets disappear. However this game is purely based on Memory, so as to making less moves will make you the winner of the game. It is absolutely a free game that has 6 embedded levels to play and to test your skills and memory.

2. Diwali Puja

Diwali Puja is a powerful application which is very much useful for normal people in getting complete information about the process of Diwali Puja. It helps to find useful things and requirements required for complete Diwali Puja including to that of Dhanteras, Rup Chaudas, Lakshmi Pujan, Govardhana Puja, and Bahi Pujan.

3. Diwali Dhoom

Diwali Dhoom, with the name, anyone can think upon it that its made for fun and entertainment. It has the power to turn your Mobile into Crackers. This App gives you a virtual world where you can burn crackers along with having the most required thrill to enjoy your Diwali celebration and that too without Fire and Pollution. It comes with great Audio and Visual effects for perfect entertainment on Diwali.

4. Shubh Diwali

Shubh Diwali bring you the perfect surprises for all your friends, families and relatives along with your close loved one by allowing you send wallpapers as well as greetings in form of wishes to each and everyone directly from your Nokia Mobile. The App is worth Rs.25 which can be obtained from the OVI Store.

5. Diwali Wishes SMS

Unlike Shubh Diwali App which send all greeting and wallpapers to all friends, families and relatives, this Apps Diwali Wishes SMS send out simple Text Messages for sending out your wishes to your loved ones. This App is very much handy as it provides some excellent services for sending SMS.