Dockplay – Free Plugin to Control Spotify and iTunes on Mac

DockPlay is a free plug-in which adds 3 buttons for Spotify and iTunes and add three icons on the dock of your Mac. These three buttons play, pause, and navigate tracks to the previous or next track in the list directly from your dock while the music player is running in the background.

Once the buttons are added to the dock, you can play track in the playlists of respective application and move through playlist items using playlist navigation buttons. DockPlay can be installed in two versions; depending on the application you favor more, iTunes or Spotify.


In order to integrate the free plug-in, visit the downloading page and download the zip file. After downloading is completed, drag the snap in to an application folder and drag it back into the Dock.

In dock

The only hitch with DockPlay is that it takes up some space in the dock but if you are an avid user of any music programs, you should not mind leaving some space for these three icons.

With the DockPlay Spotify or DockPlay iTunes application opened up in the background; one can simply click to run the different workflows that control the program. For instance,

  • If you have been playing any track or you have selected one, the Play button will play or pause Spotify or iTunes.
  •  The Next btton will stop the current playing track and will skip it to play the next track.
  • The Previous button will rewind and play the previous track.


Always remember to enable the DockPlay Spotify or DockPlay iTunes option in dock (from Options menu) to play iTunes or Spotify playlists. The add-in is compatible with Mac OS X Lion 10.7.