Dolphin Browser revealed new design, features for Android: Download Now!

The Dolphin Browser has updated their Android browser app to version 10.0.0, bringing a major new revamped user interface and design. It also brings a new Web App Store for adding popular and trending web apps to your home screen. The browser also adds a new full screen mode with options like quick toggle button at the bottom left of the screen for switching between open apps, toggle the voice and gesture-activated navigational tool Dolphin Sonar or to open settings slider at the bottom of the screen.

Dolphin Browser

The Browser now supports drag and drop of speed dials into folders. It allows users to have more than 60 speed dial slots for contacts and friends. The browser still supports the mini-apps which can be accessed by swiping from right to left of the home screen. These mini-apps are extensions that allow the users to use the functionality of the apps right in the browser without switching or opening those apps, if you also have them installed on your Android Smartphone.

Here is a complete ChangeLog of the version 10.0.0 of Dolphin Browser for Android:

  • New UI design
  • Web App Store: Easily add popular web apps to your home screen
  • Home screen now supports drag & drop grouping of speed dials into folders, with 60+ speed dial slots
  • Dolphin key: single swipe access to browser menu, tab list or Gesture/Sonar
  • Search directly within Amazon, Twitter, Wikipedia, eBay, YouTube, Twitter or Facebook from URL bar
  • Flash support can be re-enabled in settings
  • Themes & Night Mode have been updated for v10. Install the updated versions from Google Play

You can now search directly within Amazon, Twitter, Wikipedia, eBay, YouTube or Facebook from the URL bar. The new Dolphin Browser also allows the users to re-enable the Flash support from the settings. Themes and night mode has also been updated. Many of these features have been around but the update makes them much easier and faster to use.

Dolphin Browser for Android has been fast enough as it is but this update makes it render pages quickly and overall experience super fast, even without Jetpack installed. Jetpack is an add-on for Dolphin browser which renders web pages 10 times as fast as the stock Android browser and twice as fast as Chrome, claimed its developers. You can hit this link to download the new Dolphin Browser for your Android Smartphone or tablet. The update is also expected to make its way to iOS soon.

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