Download Free eBook – A Quick Start Guide to HTML 5

We are pleased to release our new free eBook “A quick start guide to HTML 5”. The book talks about all the new elements and the new things introduced in the latest HTML 5. The book would tell you a lot about the HTML 5 and would enable you to start coding with HTML 5.

The book covers following areas of HTML 5

  • The new elements
  • Media components
  • Drag and drop
  • Canvas
  • SVG
  • Geo locations
  • Web Storage
  • Web Workers
  • Designing Forms
  • Designing Webpages
  • Getting certified
  • Some facts about HTML 5
  • More…

This is a handy and a small guide to HTML 5. The book is paged 50, and it is provided free of cost to its readers. Hope you would like the book. The eBook is bookmarks-ready in PDF format, with a fully linked content index.

With this book, you can learn a lot, you can learn how to create your own form, and your own HTML 5 based webpage. This book is written/designed/authored by a The Geeks Club author Lavish Thakkar and the book is officially published by The Geeks Club.

Before downloading the book please read the Legal Notice:

Legal Policy

This book is free to download and distribute all over the world but no part of this book can be reproduced without the prior information and permission of author & publisher. You are free to copy the content of the book but with the proper actions. Mention the name and link of the book wherever you use the content of the book. All the trademarks and logos used in this eBook are the property of their respective owners. Uses of these trademarks in this eBook are for educational or reference purpose only. The book is provided free of cost, if you paid for the book, except the hard copy, you may refund the money.

For more information on distribution and legal policies, visit

Download A Quick Start Guide to HTML 5 eBook.


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