Download latest Nokia Suite 3.2

The recent news confirmed the official release of the Nokia Ovi Suite, called Nokia Suite 3.2 after a run at the Nokia Betalabs. The new Nokia suite has been released through In App updater as well as the Nokia Suite website.

Originally, Nokia Suite was first released two months ago as beta and has been welcomed very well by the community.

Nokia Suite 3.2

The new Symbian Anna style look & feel pooled with the notable feature knock along with performance enhancements making Nokia Suite 3.2 a captivating update and it is considered as a must have app if you use a Nokia Device.

Check out some of the imperative features that Nokia Suite 3.2 brings over the Ovi Suite 3.1 :

  • Nokia Ovi Suite is now named as Nokia Suite.
  • The application now offers a refreshed look and feel.
  • The new Support view offers info and help with using Nokia Suite and your phone.
  • The Support view helps ensures you have enough free space on your phone.
  • The improved sync log shows you what has changed during syncing.
  • Software updates for your phone software and phone applications run now more reliably.
  • You might also note that Nokia Suite doesn’t anymore run MPlatform.exe process –that has been removed from the architecture. You’ll MPlatform.exe still running, if you have Nokia Ovi Player installed into same PC.

It is pretty obvious, that new Nokia Suite 3.2 encompasses lots more new goodies, huge amount of different errors have been fixed now and many crash issues also have been resolved.

Download latest Nokia Suite 3.2