Download Microsoft Photosynth app/ Microsoft Pix Camera for iOS

Microsoft has released Photosynth for iOS, which is now part of Microsoft Pix Camera. It offers interactive Panorama Capture and Sharing app and it is now available for download for free, from iTunes Store. With Microsoft Pix, you can now use the new Photosynth feature to capture multi-directional wide-angle panoramas and composite images.

Microsoft Pix Camera Photosynth

Photosynth/Pix Camera for iOS is the panorama creation and sharing app that lets you capture more of your world. Now you can capture 360° in all directions (up, down, left, and right) to create spectacular images. Using the latest in computer vision techniques, Photosynth/Pix Camera makes it easy and fun to create and share interactive panoramas of wherever you are.

Microsoft Pix Camera (Photosynth) Features:

1] NEW PIX STYLES! Completely transform your photos with artistic styles and watch as your artwork gets created

2] Smart settings – Automatically checks scene and lighting between each shutter tap and updates settings between each shot.

3] Face recognition – People are the most important photo subjects, so when it detects a face in the shot, it automatically optimizes settings to help people look their best.

4] Moment capture – Captures a burst of frames every time you tap the shutter button, including frames before and after your tap, so you won’t miss the right moment.

5] Best Image(s) – Automatically selects up to 3 of the best and most unique shots from the burst, and immediately deletes the rest, so you don’t waste your phone’s storage or your time comparing and storing similar frames.

6] Image quality – Uses discarded burst frames to enhance each Best Image, improving exposure and colour, and reducing noise and blur.

7] Live Image – Automatically creates a short, looping video, by stitching together the frames from the burst into a Live Image, but ONLY when it senses motion in your shot, so it won’t waste a ton of your phone’s memory.

8] Hyperlapse – Videos shot with Microsoft Pix are automatically stabilized for smoother playback, and can be time lapsed and saved at many different speeds.

9] Auto-sync – Seamlessly syncs to your camera roll, so you don’t have to individually import or save your photos and videos to your camera roll.

10] Widgets and 3D Touch – Where available, 3D touch and Today and Lock screen widgets are enabled, so you can jump directly into photo capture, selfie capture, video capture or gallery.

Photosynth can share images and interactive panorama experiences to Facebook (with the included free service). Integration with Bing Maps means millions of people could see your panoramas on maps and in search results for locations you’ve captured.

Interested? Head over to iTunes.