Download Mobile Aircraft Encyclopedia Android Application

Mobile Aircraft Encyclopedia is a free Android application for aviation enthusiasts. It allows them to access and view technical data on aircrafts, as described in International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) Doc 8643.


Mobile Aircraft Encyclopedia contains an A-one photo gallery that accommodates some fine and high quality aircraft pictures. The application exposes many detailed technical information on some rare but very popular aircrafts and helicopters and has a very pleasing graphical interface. So, be it a Boeing airbus or a jet fighter, the encyclopedia will provide every in-depth information on the flying objects in query.

Recent changes introduced in the application include,

  1. Option to disable bothersome advertisements
  2. A better support for tablets
  3. Detailed/in-depth information on newly added 100 aircrafts

To gain access to the application, simply tap on ‘Aircraft List’ button accessible on home screen of the application.

Advanced information on aircraft manufacture like name of the aircraft, ICAO Code, type of model, classification and category will be presented in seconds along with their performance oriented attributes (Speed).

Detailed description

The 3D option of the aircraft Encyclopedia enables its users to view the aircraft sketches from different angles. It is important to mention here that the application is destined to be used as an educational or a reference tool and not for flight planning.

The only downside of the application is that it has no option to update contents of the application or search for the unlisted aircraft via Internet. The Mobile Aircraft Encyclopedia is compatible with Android OS 2.2 and higher versions only and can be downloaded easily from the Android Market.

Download Mobile Aircraft Encyclopedia.