Pidgin: A Universal IM Chat Client for Linux Desktop

We are all multitaskers by nature. We tend to perform our chores while many social networks running in the background for our entertainment. Sometimes navigating through tabs for every social network can be very bumpy. So why not to get them all at one place! Pidgin would help you to do so.

Pidgin is a tiny little instant messenger for Linux with support for every IM social network out there. What adds to its functionality is availability of numerous third party plugins making it fully customizable for the user. Whether you have to customize the interface, add new IM network or receive notifications through your lappy’s LED light, its sheer number of features will let you stick to it.

It is pretty easy to use. The Setup process starts with the adding of the IM accounts. There is an option to add one account at a time.

The second step would be choosing of IM social network and filling out Username and Password of the specific account associated with that network. After you are done with username and password you would be taken to messenger pane where you can enjoy conversations with your buddies. If you wish to add more accounts associated with any other social networks, then go to Accounts followed by Manage Accounts to get it done.

Suppose your friend name is “John”. When he’ll be online a small notification appears on the top right of the screen notifying “John is online”. It’s pretty helpful when you are doing some other task and at the same time eagerly waiting for your friend to drop in to the conversation.


Overall, nice tool to get all your social networks at one place leaving behind the mess of scrolling between tabs for various social networks.