Download New Updated Gmail App For Better Battery Life & Improved Sync

Google has released an update of Gmail App on Android version 2.2 to 2.3.5 along with few new sophisticated features that mainly intend to save battery life. This new Apps assures to bring improvement in performance and also provides customization facility.

Certain people, who use labels and filters to keep their inbox free of mess, will definitely appreciate this new version of Gmail App. It makes accessing emails on the go easier than ever before. The latest version of Gmail app provides enhancements in its sync options and notification preference as well as some other added features.

Key Features of Gmail App Update include:

  • Syncing priority mail:

Gmail App can be setup to sync only essential emails, option which does not sync entire inbox in turn save some data connection bandwidth and conserve battery life. It provides peace of mind to users by syncing only Priority Mails; those mails that are set for Priority Inbox.

  • Display picture preference:

The Gmail App can be set to Show Pictures for a particular sender and there by omit viewing the entire email. This is useful if user is accessing emails offline and expecting attachments or image-based emails.

  • Alert tone for Label:

Users can now assign specific notification tone for each label in their Gmail account. This individual notification ringtones will enable users to know what kind of messages they receive even without looking at their phone. Tones can be set based on users, subjects, accounts; this will alert users with the Filtered mails and Labeled mails.

  • Better Talk Balk support for accessibility:

The overall performance and Talk Back screen reader support is improved.

  • Turn off sticky message actions:

The Gmail app provides a toggle for sticky message actions while changing between the screen orientations; so that users can view the content without getting annoyed. Sticky message actions like star forward and reply can be deactivated.

Some features of this new App update can help users in saving battery life by couple of minutes, which is very beneficial. Updated Gmail app is free for Android 2.2 or 2.3 and for version 2.3.5. Download the latest updated version of Gmail App in Android Market.

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