Doxie Go: A portable mobile document scanner

With more and more developments in technology being made every day, anything is possible. Today, we see a new and modern mobile paper scanner that is simple, small and cordless: Doxie Go!

Be it cards, photos, reports, receipts or bills; Doxie Go possesses the built-in capability to scan everything (scans up to 6000 pages). It is tiny and fast that scan documents as small as business cards to as large as 8.5-by-12-inch letterhead-sized paper. For endless storage (scanning) a user can add/insert a USB flash drive or a SD card.

The intuitively designed Doxie app synchronizes scans, just like a digital camera, organizes and saves them. An award winning Abby®OCR technology then recognizes the text on your scans and creates searchable PDF files. It even sends created files to the cloud– Evernote, Dropbox, etc.

The small and simple scanner weighs less than a pound and measures up to 10.5 inches in length. Plus, the self-contained scanner carries its own rechargeable battery, this makes it convenient for the user to carry it, especially when out for a business trip or other out-of-office uses.

You can get an optional Doxie Go Kit for $20, which includes a wall charger and international power plugs.

In addition, users who like to scan documents directly to their iPhone, iPad or other idevices photo roll are required to buy the $39 idevice Sync Kit separately.

The Doxie Go is ready for pre-order and will ship at the end of November. It costs approximately $200. So, just charge it up and turn it on, make your scanning smart and simple!

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