Drawbacks of MacBook Pro with Retina Display

Like all other Apple products, MacBook Pro with Retina Display didn’t fall short in creating hype in the market. With its announcement on 10th June, it looked like a superb and gorgeous piece of art, but as it went hands-on, many of its flaws and drawbacks have emerged.

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If you closely look at the new MacBook Pro with Retina display, it seems totally useless for an average computer user. The hardware specs are much higher in profile than actually needed for most of the users.

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In general, MacBooks are mostly preferred by rich people – which has now become a symbol of status. The other class of users include the artists, developers and audio engineers. Rest of the users still stick to Windows powered laptops as they are much cheaper and worth the price.

The hardware inside it is never less than any gaming machine, but unfortunately you cannot use MacBook Pro for extreme levels of gaming. The use of such powerful hardware is restricted to heavy usage apps like Apple Final Cut Pro, which an average user doesn’t need.

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The Retina resolution looks gorgeous, but better luck finding wallpapers for it. Wallpapers for the supported resolution will float, but it will take time.

It has been made 25% more slimmer than the other MacBook Pro machines without the Retina Display. Fitting all the components inside this slim beauty was really a challenging job for Apple. They did it, but didn’t care about the DIY repair ability.

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The new MacBook Pro with Retina display is so complicatedly assembled that fixing it by yourself is nearly impossible. iFixit even though they have the best and experienced people, cracked the display glass on the first attempt.

The display assembly is built together and there is no external glass protecting it. That means if something goes wrong with the display you will have to replace the whole assembly.

MacBook Pro with Retina display receives 1 out of 10 score by iFixit for repairability. And that makes it least repairable notebook ever.

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The RAM is soldered to the motherboard and the battery is glued. This makes further upgrading impossible so make sure you choose your machine wisely.

In short the new MacBook Pro with Retina Display is non repairable, non upgradable and not necessary.

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