3 New Dual-SIM Android Smartphones from Samsung

Samsung has become the renowned brand for manufacturing the Smartphones and tablet PCs. It is now gearing up to release its high-end Android OS based Smartphones and tablets into the market.

Earlier, it created a lot of sensation with the release of its high-end Smartphone Galaxy S II. Its the sales leaped to million, within one month of its release. Later,  Samsung released budget Android smartphone named Galaxy Y for the masses who couldn’t  afford to buy costlier Android mobile phones. It has now quietly announced the launch three mobile phones with the Dual-SIM feature.

3 New Dual-SIM Android Smartphones from Samsung:

Samsung Galaxy S II Duos

Samsung Galaxy S II Duos

Samsung Galaxy S II Duos has been announced on the December of 2011 which is going to hit into the Chinese market first, it has two SIM slots one works on the GSM carrier and other works on the CDMA network. The popular Smartphone include a 1.2 GHz dual-core processor and a 4.52″ WVGA Super AMOLED Plus screen. There is a 8MP primary camera which captures videos at 1080p resolution, and the secondary camera of 2MP which suits best for the video calling purposes.  The initial Samsung Galaxy S II had a 1650 mAh battery power and now it is going to be shipped with a 1800 mAh powered battery


Samsung Galaxy Y Duos


Samsung has already released the entry-level Android Smartphone named as the Galaxy Y. Now Samsung is going to release the Galaxy Y model smartphone with the GSM Dual-SIM feature. Samsung has upgraded some of the hardware features to Galaxy Y and will bring the renewed model as Galaxy Y Duos.

The Galaxy Y Duos is featured with 3.14 inches capacitive touchscreen display, having primary camera of 3.15 MP where Galaxy Y was having only 2 MP camera. There are no specific details available on processor but it is speculated that it may come with ARM processor like the one which is used in the Galaxy Y. It has other common data connectivity features like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, HSDPA, etc.


Samsung Galaxy Y Pro Duos


Samsung has releases its smartphones with the QWERTY keypad by naming them as Pro. The Samsung Galaxy Y Pro Duos is a dual-SIM mobile phone which works on the GSM network. It is going to come with all the features and specifications what the Galaxy Y Duos have but the screen size is bumped down to 2.6 inches when compared to Galaxy Y, because the QWERTY keypad has been added to the phone which reduced the screen size to 2.6 inches.

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