5 easy steps to connect Nokia E series mobile to a laptop via Bluetooth

Bluetooth technology is an open wireless technology which finds its applications in many electronic devices today, for exchanging data over short distances.

It does away with the need for any sort of wires and cables between two electronic devices for communication. Some great benefits of Bluetooth technology enabled devices are,

  • Low cost
  • Low power usage
  • Robustness

In just a few years, Bluetooth technology know-how has earned global acceptance to a very high degree.

The following post explores the usage of Bluetooth technology to transfer videos, wallpapers from laptop to a cell phone.


  • Bluetooth enabled cell phone
  • Bluetooth enabled laptop

Latest laptops support Bluetooth technology. If they do not, simply get a USB Bluetooth electronic device and plug it into USB port of the laptop. Check the Device Manager to pinpoint installed Bluetooth driver.

After Bluetooth driver is found installed, locate its devices in Control Panel.


Step1- Turn on the Bluetooth feature of your Nokia E-series mobile so as to make its visibility discoverable by other devices.

Step2- Navigate the cursor to Control Panel menu, double click on ‘Bluetooth Devices’ and choose the ‘Add’ option.

Step3- From a window that will appear on the laptop screen select ‘My device is setup and ready to be found’. The wizard after searching for the Bluetooth devices in its close proximity will display the found devices. Select the device you want to add and click on ‘Next’.


Step4- Choose a passkey to add your device to the laptop. The wizard will display a passkey and will urge you to key it in to your Nokia E series mobile, while the laptop is trying to install the Bluetooth device.



Between the ongoing processes, if you get the prompt to accept connection from the laptop, click on ‘Yes’.

Step5- The concluding step is to click on the ‘Finish’ button thereby completing the add Bluetooth device wizard.

You can now view the new Bluetooth device that has been added in the Bluetooth devices window and transfer the videos and wallpapers of your choice from a laptop to the cell phone.