Ecopad – A revolutionary green Tablet which charges when you touch it!

We all love Tablet’s as they are  handy and easy to work on. The Tab  gives ease to work and the UI which they have are incredible. But the only issue with the Tablet’s is their backup and charging,it takes a lot of time. But still we need it  according to our needs.

ecopad tablet

A new revolution in Tablet’s world, a Tab which charges on it’s own. This sounds too good. We don’t need to plug it in, the charging again and again, as its getting charged, by simply touching it. The more you touch it, the more it gets charged. And the best part, you are also helping environment in saving electricity. And this concept has become true in Japan and it is going to be call as “Ecopad“.

Product like EcoPad will hit the market very soon. It will be a very big achievement rather than an iPad or other electronic devices, because it doesn’t require any power source to getting charged. Whereas, it is designed to harness the energy from every touch, to power it.

Ecopad is the creation of Jun-se Kim, Yonggu Do and Eunha Seo and it is equipped with a nano piezoelectricity film which resides just below the display. This is the film which actually gives the power or energy to keep it charged and working, by pressing or touching it. We hope this will be the future for the new generation Tab’s . Personally I am very much excited to get the Ecopad soon in my hand.

ecopad tablet

Ecopad can bring a big innovation not only for the Tab’s, but  for other electronic items or goods, that can be adopted to save the electircity and can get us a  Green future.

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