Elinks for Ubuntu lets you browse the web without distractions

There is no shortage of distraction during work. Whether its the friendly bookmark to Facebook on the homepage of your browser or even a girl online on Skype! No wonder, this decreases the productivity of your work. And you can’t help it, right?

Now you can with ELinks for Ubuntu! ELinks is a fresh new approach to web browsing. It is a web browser built into the terminal (Linux version of the Command Line). Whenever you fear that anything can distract you, fire this app up and it’ll help you overcome that fear.

Have a look at the interface, its simplicity and coolness. The app is officially called ELinks Links Browser but it is nice for reading blogs, news and other text based sites.

To install Elinks, either go to Ubuntu Software Center and search for it or using Synaptic or Aptitude, install the package elinks, along with elinks-data.┬áThe download size totals out to 3Mb. The browser is fast, because it doesn’t display images or flash.

The browser even handles downloads, and quite well at that. I appreciate the speeds provided by the application. It has no plug-in support and is very handicapped to say at least. But that’s what it is meant to be right? The interface wasn’t as geeky as it looks and I feel that the Average Joe will not be at any discomfort!

The browser, as I had said earlier is devoid of many features, but that’s also nice because it serves as a bloatware replacement for Chromium, Firefox etc. I don’t recommend replacing your old browser with this browser, but I don’t even say a word against it. It is a gem of a software, every Linux user must have on his PC, Windows users-Hard Luck! This is what software is meant to be, straightforward and precise! Kudos to the developers…

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