Which Email Service Provider is The Best Among Gmail, Yahoo!,Hotmail

For years, this debate has been going, on deciding the best mail service available.  We have three main mail services say, Gmail, Yahoo Mail and Hotmail. Each one has got its own USPs and features for people. So, now let us check the uniqueness of each mail and let us see which one stands out at the end.

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Comparison between YahooMail, Gmail and Hotmail

Email Type

Yahoo! Mail:  The email types include, POP3, IMAP, E-mail, Webmail

Gmail:  For this, the email types include, POP3, IMAP, E-mail, Webmail

Hotmail: It offers the email types including, E-mail, Webmail, POP3


Mail Storage

Yahoo! Mail: It provides unlimited mail storage

Gmail:   It currently offers a free storage of more than 7GB. If you wish to use more storage space, then you need to buy it. The price range can be anywhere between US$5 per year for 20GB to US$4096 per year for 16TB storage space.

Hotmail: Unlimited Mail Storage


Attachment size

Yahoo! Mail: Earlier it was 10MB, now it has been increased to 25MB

Gmail: Earlier it was 20MB, now it is 25 MB

Hotmail: Earlier it was 10MB and now it is 25MB



Hotmail: In Hotmail, all the spam mail goes into a Junk folder. This way all the possible spam is removed from the incoming mails.

Gmail: In Gmail, spam filtering is done using a community-driven system. Here, if an email is marked as spam by the user, the next time similar mail will be sent into the spam folder. Thus, it gives you a clean inbox.

Yahoo! Mail: In this, the mails are protected against spam through “DomainKeys”, which is an e-mail authentication system.

Account expiration

Yahoo! Mail: A YahooMail account gets deactivated if it is not used for four months.

Gmail: In Gmail, your account will not be deactivated even it is not used for months together. You can deactivate it only by deleting it.

Hotmail:  Your Hotmail account will be deactivated if it is not used for 90 days.



Yahoo! Mail: It provides an embedded instant messenger

Gmail: It has an embedded instant messenger

Hotmail: It provides an embedded instant messenger


Photo Sharing

Yahoo! Mail: You can use the Flickr account with Yahoo mail ID

Gmail: You can use Picasa account with Gmail ID

Hotmail: You can use Windows Live Photo Gallery with Hotmail ID.



Yahoo! Mail: it is available in 27 international languages

Gmail: It is currently available in 40 different languages

Hotmail: It is available in 35 languages.

gmail hotmail yahoo

So, now that you have seen some differences between the three mail services, it is up to your discretion, to choose, which is the best among the three for your individual needs. You can also have a look at the Hotmail vs Gmail comparision chart.

Let us know which is your favorite one!


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