EnemyGraph – Facebook’s Newly Launched App

Facebook helps you make friends. The same also help you make enemies. Surprised? Check out the new Facebook App – The EnemyGraph.

EnemyGraph is a Facebook application that lets you list-down all the unwanted and hated persons basically, all your enemies and post it in your time-lined Facebook profile. Moreover, the application enables you to create any page or group on Facebook as an “enemy”.

The app lets you list anything under it be it friends, foods, products, movies, books or anything.


EnemyGraph was originally launched in University of Texas , Dallas by a professor and two students. Dean Terry, the professor and director of the university’s emerging media programs is the one who conceptualized the entire project while Bradley Griffith and Harrison Massey, held the hands together to build the application. They are both graduate and undergraduate students from the same university.

“One thing that has always struck me is the enforce niceness culture,” Terry admits in an enterview. “We wanted to give people a chance to express dissonance as well. We’re using the word  enemy about as accurately as Facebook uses the word friend.”

Most social networks attempt to connect people based on affinities like bands, films, sports team, which people like to link with. They may also dislike some.

“Facebook runs queries to find affinities,” states a post on the EnemyGraph site homepage.  “EnemyGraph runs in what we call dissonance queries. So, if you have said you like, say, Portlandia on your profile page, and in our app, one of your friends has declared them as ‘enemy’ we will post this as “dissonance report” in the app.”

In other words, the EnemyGraph application points out the difference you have with a friend and open it up for a conversation.

The EnemyGraph developer does not guarantee of the public safety while using this application since the application is still under the process of surveillance.