EntroPay: Free Virtual Visa Card for Making Online payments

One drawback of using credit card for making purchases is that you often have to reveal card number and other personal information to unknown merchants. Anyone observing this personal information may cause you a significant loss. Also, credit cards offer a spending limit so at the end of each month like it or not, you are sent with a purchase bill and pay interest on the money you have already spent if you do not settle the account within the stipulated credit period. Wouldn’t it just be great if you could simply put money on the card first and then spend it the way you want? Surely, yes! And with EntroPay it’s all possible.

EntroPay – A Virtual Visa Card

EntroPay is a Virtual Visa Card that offers a safe way of spending online without disclosing any credit card information. The virtual card can be used anywhere for online purchases where VISA is accepted. All you have to do is load funds onto an EntroPay Virtual Card using your credit or debit card. That’s it!

EntroPay account is a prepaid account and therefore there is no credit risk, your spending limit is automatically fixed by the deposited amount. Above all, since EntroPay is not a credit card, there are no finance charges, no late fees, nor any accumulation of debt. Your credit card number and other personal information are not disclosed in any way thereby increasing your security and confidence to spend.

Today, EntroPay is used worldwide for processing thousands of transactions daily and has become a reputable online credit card provider with reasonable fees.

How do I start with my Entropay account?

  • Visit EntroPay website and click on ‘Sign up now’ link; visible on the right side of the page. Then, click on ‘Get your Virtual Visa Card now’ tab. Follow the instructions and fill out the registration form.
  • Once you are done with the Registration Form you will receive an email from EntroPay service containing a link and the activation key. They may ask for additional documents to validate your account.
  • Next, click on the link which will take you back to EntroPay where you will be asked to enter your password
  • Upon entering your password you will be asked to confirm your email address and your EntroPay Account will activate.

The whole process is divided into 3 steps viz,

  • Filling in Account information

  • Personal information

  • Fund your Virtual Visa Card

The steps mentioned above cover the first and second requirement i.e. Account Information and Personal Information.

How to fund my EntroPay Account?

Your EntroPay Account is funded with your regular credit or debit card. Once you have created an EntroPay account, you will automatically have a ‘Default EntroPay Virtual Card’ but you can create more cards later on and choose which card to load funds on to. To load funds on to your EntroPay Virtual Card(s), follow these steps below:

  • Log onto your EntroPay Account and click on ‘EntroPay Cards’ tab.
  • From the drop down box select the card you would like to load & click the load button.
  • Enter the amount you wish to load.
  • Select the Funding source and click ‘Next’.
  • Before making the final choice, confirm all the details and click ‘Submit’.

Remember, purchases on EntroPay Virtual Cards do not show in real time, but only reflect on your account transaction history a few days after the actual purchase date. There are no monthly or annual fees with an EntroPay Virtual Card – but a 4.95% fee is charged on each amount loaded onto an EntroPay Virtual Card.

For more information visit EntroPay.


  1. they dont show you whole numbers your virtual credit card until you send them copy of passport id, copy of credit card and other stuffs. In that case I would get my virtual card from real banks in my country, they ask the same documents. why the hell to use entropay then..

    1. I recently created a virtual Visa on EntroPay and they have integrated some new technology which allowed me to verify my account by displaying my debit card on a web cam which was then verified on site, took a few minutes but beats having to scan copies of id documents and sending emailing/posting them which takes time and effort. I was very pleased with the process as it was very fast in comparison and absolutely painless :-)

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