Five epic Tech Flops of the year 2011

2011 was a really techie year, with many hit products launched, many benchmarks and records set and new technologies unveiled. Among all these, there were an equal number of flops too. As the year is approaching its end, we decided to make a list of five such flops… Just for the sake of fun, we’ve also added the Amazon links, just in case you get a foolish idea to buy one of these!

1. Nintendo 3DS

A product that was supposed to thrash the competition and dominate the market, unfortunately was as much of a flop, at least in my opinion. The 3DS was not a bad product, offering screen-less 3D gaming along with many improvements atop its predecessor, the DSi. The product was a flop for many reasons, including the hit PS Vita launched this year!

Amazon Link

Price: $187

Tech Flops2. Motorola Xoom

In the tablets, the Motorola Xoom was hyped to an extreme level and in the end, it was a big flop. The Xoom is priced identical to the iPad which is a much better gadget, and don’t blame the OS. The Galaxy Tab 750 with the same OS is much much better.

Amazon Link

Price: $187

3. Duke Nukem ForeverĀ 

The game was finally released in 2011 after 13 years and it was a big disappointment. No wonder it didn’t get many fans. Everything of the game is haphazard and looks immature, even though the game is for mature individuals!

Amazon Link

Price: $10


4. LG Optimus 3D

The 3D smartphone, touted as the iPhone killer and then it goes pissssssssss…… All the hype blown away. Not enough 3D content and bad regular smartphone features were the reasons for its downfall.

Amazon Link

Price: $440


5. Apple iPhone 4SĀ 

Apple iPhone 4S isn’t a bad phone at all. Its our expectations from the next iPhone that make it a flop. No noteworthy features added, just UI touches and minor hardware changes. Expectations make you cry….

Product not available for sale right now! Check out the website for pre-orders

Price: $800 (approx.)


Got more flopped products? Share them here as comments!!!!

Stay Tuned for the next part!

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