Eset Mobile Security App for Andriod to fight against virus, theft and SPAM

Have you ever suffered from a virus attack on your phone? Or lost your phone with crucial data in it and now unable to trace it.? If yes, then ESET Mobile Security BETA is the ultimate solution for you. It is one of the leading mobile security available for mobile phones. It offers multiple services in one application like Antivirus, Antispam, Anti-theft and Security Audit. It is available for all popular mobile platforms.

Eset Mobile Security

By using these features you can protect your android phone against viruses, thieves and even spammers. The application is divided into four main services.

1. Antivirus: By using this feature you can scan your android phone for viruses and trojans. It will help you in keeping your phone safe from unwanted and spooky applications.

2. Antispam: This feature allows you to create lists of contacts and numbers that are bothering you with spam. This function is ideal for blocking text messages from operators and other services that send advertisements constantly.

3. Anti-Theft: By using it you can select which SIM cards can be accepted by your Android Phones. If a thief will insert a new SIM card, the device will then send text messages automatically to the contacts marked as recipients Alert. In the settings of this option, you can compose a custom message which will be received by the emergency recipient in case of any theft. Moreover, the device will be automatically locked soon after.

4. Security Audit: This feature allows you to see how each application and function of the android smartphone are swirling, besides using a task managers run by ESET Mobile Security itself.

Eset Mobile Security Password

Finally, you can create a password so that the thief can not change any of your security settings, you can do so by using the tab “Password” at the bottom of the interface. It also allows you to select which of ESET Mobile Security services needs a password to open.

Download Eset Mobile Security for Andriod

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  1. I am using Kaspersky for my PC.. I hope they will release (or already released?!) an antivirus solution for Android phones.

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