7 Essential Initial Settings After You Install Your WordPress Blog

The World Wide Web is fast growing to meet its ever increasing number of user base and their demands. In similar lines as this, the numbers of websites that are housed on the World Wide Web are fast increasing and WordPress being one of the most sought after platform in the market today.

But whenever you install WordPress to start your own website or blog, several initial settings and customization need to be taken care of. Otherwise your site may loose the technological pace as well as can be easy target for hackers. Sites like Blogs must also have the efficiency and feature rich interaction along with great content. Hosting an open source software like WordPress, with easy user interface, does have a few tweaks to be taken care of.

These settings help get the most out of websites up on WP platform, other than choosing your blog’s name and tagline.

1. Update your Permalink Structure

http://yourdomain.com/p=221; is the basic permalink of a WordPress blog page or post. Short and simple, but not much good enough for SEO neither user friendly. Go to Settings > Permalinks and then select “Custom Structure” and update your link structure.

The proper enhancement is to change it to some form like –




This makes the pages easily identifiable by search programs and helps drive in traffic.

2. Customize Admin users

The basic security tweak for WP accounts is to alter the username for admin account from the default WP account username. This ensures two-way security posing an unknown username as well as password for anyone trying to break in to the system. Add or edit your team of admins, editors, authors, subscribers, or contributors with proper access rights. This can easily be done from Users > All Users.

3. Limit User Registration

The process of allowing users to get memberships under their blogs is another feature that the platform offers, but is best turned off unless and until is of utmost importance. Go to Settings > General and uncheck the option for Anyone can register and make sure that the role of the new user is set as per your requirement.

4. Set WP Time Zone

Just below user registration, under general settings, the time zone can be set to one’s local time. This allows correct publishing of posts that have been scheduled for later on.

5. Enable Threaded Comment

Under Settings > Discussion the comments can be turned to go on threaded to make them look like a conversation so that the comments complement each other and go on and on.

6. Update Ping List

The words about a new post can be shared on the web with the ping service that the platform provides. But by default, WP pings only one service and this is best when multiple services are included in the ping list.

7. Customize WordPress Gravatar

Can be found under Settings > Discussions. The basic change in the Avatars is that one must enable the image to be shown to users who don’t have a Gravatar account. This helps in better communication to threads and comments.

Thus once began with WP, the basic tweaks helps one get the traffic easily and get the most out of the posts and the discussions and some basic security benefits.