E-Textbook Maker Kno Launches Facebook App – Features

E-Textbook maker Kno took the primary effort to bright up its platform by announcing the textbook E-Reader earlier this year, with digital textbook software including Facebook App which is different from the rest in the market. It has iPad App as well as Web E-Reader and now Facebook App joins the lineup.

Ousama Haffar, the Kno Vice President of Marketing said “I’d like to emphasize that this is a first step.”

Kno has found how the student interacts with textbooks and learning materials. Hence they released iPad App for eText Books readers including Facebook apps allowing students a unique way to get accession to their books through the social network sites.

The eText Books app comes with Course Manager that allows students to organize data by class, term and combines the best textbook and PDF reader technology.

The Facebook app has become an essential iPad app integrates academic social features by allowing students to post comments directly to their walls from the text, ask questions and share study documents with their buddies.

These apps allow students to pool their notes with friends in the same class or share them with students from other universities. Additionally, students can use the search feature to easily find topics of subjects within a textbook and can check in with places and characters on Facebook, to share it.

Kno’s other features for the iPad app includes “QuizMe” and “Journal.” The first directly turns any diagram in a book into a multiple choice quiz and the second allows students to create a digital notebook by clipping text and pictures from your textbook.

Haffar said “If you want to be a company that changes an industry, you need the content. If you don’t have the content, it’s just something that’s kind of cool.”

These apps are very interactive as it can be done without doing things manually. Kno has signed MOV with the leading textbook publishers to offer wide range of books and it also cuts the price tags of about 30%-50% of physical books.