How to use Evernote in iPhone for storing business cards

Evernote is an easy-to-use application which allows its iPhone users to create notes, snapshots and record voices. The given abstract focuses on how to store business cards in an iPhone using Evernote application.


  • An Evernote account
  • An iPhone with operating system (OS) 3.1.2

Step1- Launch the ‘New Note’ (Evernote-iPhone –app) which will dedicate 4 choices to you,

  • Text– to create a text note
  • Snapshot– to take a picture for making a picture note
  • Camera roll and
  • Voice- to make a voice note


Step2- Click on the ‘Snapshot’ option in the ‘New Note’ menu to launch your iPhone camera.

Step3- Click a snap of the business card with your hand-held iPhone.

Step4- After the picture is saved in your Evernote account, it will prompt you with ‘Retake’ and ‘Use’ option. Click on the use option. This will open a new window under the ‘Notes’.

Step5- Once the snapshot note is created under the ‘Notes’ window, search for the recently clicked business card picture referred as ‘Untitled snapshot note’.

Step6- Tag the business card picture and assign a suitable title or text to it. Evernote is capable of performing OCR (Optical Character Recognition) of the text on business cards and therefore will synchronize the text and picture information automatically.

This will help you locate the desired business card search without much efforts. To learn more watch this video,