Evernote Peek: First iPad App Utilizing Smart Cover

The Smart Cover of iPad was one of the most useful extensions of iPad 2. Other than protecting the screen, it allowed you to resume the iPad from sleep by just lifting the cover and similarly put the iPad to sleep by covering the screen.

And now the first app that utilizes the Smart Cover has arrived. Evernote Peek is basically a Q&A app and is from the makers of Evernote, the popular note making application.

According to their blog,

Evernote Peek is a free app designed to help you study, learn and strengthen your memory. Interacting with Peek is pretty intuitive. Once you’ve connected Peek to your Evernote account and selected your study materials, you simply close the Smart Cover and peek under it to see a clue. Raise the cover further to reveal the answer. To advance to the next clue, just close the cover and repeat.

It’s totally new, and yet feels as familiar as lifting a page.

When you lift the cover a little, a clue is displayed. When you lift the cover even more, the answer is shown. You can add your notes to Evernote Peek by connecting to your Evernote account. Your note title will be shown as the clue and the body will be shown as answer. See Evernote Peek in action in the below video.

Source: Evernote Blog

Guest Post By : Nithin Ramesh.