3 excellent mobile video players for your iPhone

iPhone provides the best features to enhance the effect for each and every simple usage in it. In this article, we will look towards 3 best video players for your iPhone. Each one has a unique feature in it to be at the top and to be installed.

Buzz player

Buzz player is one of the feature-rich players available with features like subtitles, playing for URLs, playlist, boosting the volume above 100%, downloader and unzipper. This application is not universal, so if you have to use this in ipad you have to buy HD version for $3.82. It supports FLV, HD, quick time format, MKV, Real video and other media devices. This buzz player is available in stores at the rate of $1.90.

Video stream

Video stream is the best player to be installed in your iPhone. It has the capability of streaming directly from computer. The developers have packed impact-full feature in it. It can stream the video into your iPhone through installed server on the computer, but the main feature is the player can convert the video in computer to an iPhone compatible format and transfer them directly into the device.

So even if you forget to convert the files to stream, then the built-in converter will perform its work. Unlike, the Buzz player, it is universal, hence you only have to spend on this player. This Video stream is available at itune application stores at the rate of $2.88.

Video safe

This (video safe) came into existence by the developers of video stream. The outstanding specialty of this player is described in its name itself; it can hide images and video with the help of snoop stopper. Hence your collection to be displayed will be completely in your hand. Snoop stopper is a feature which will display some fake video and images instead of your actual original collection.

You can activate the snoop mode by entering a fake pass-code. You can also use a special snoop stopper pass code, which will fake vault when used. It is not universal and this player worth $3.82.