Top sites to download smartphone Apps and Games

The growth of smartphones and mobile phones has been phenomenal.  This generation has been watching many of the changes in the field of mobile communication and mobile industry. With new ideas and tools and utilities coming up everyday, everyone wants to be updated with all new versions and tools like wallpapers, screen savers, images, software utility tools are coming up daily. today we bring you an awesome collection of 7 best sites to find your phone tools and applications.


ZEDGE is the best leading website to find all mobile applications and utility providers. It has a network of over 15 million users who are currently with the website sharing its data via online. It also includes the users who have downloaded the content from this site. This site hold over 3.6 million items uploaded including themes, ring tones and wallpapers. It connects your phone and allow you to download the latest application including games. it provide a direct link to the downloads which helps you to save the content directly to the phone. It also provides its users with some of the fantastic tools and funny text messages creator. Along with these things there are some of the awesome tools that will be available including creating of your own themes, ring tones, wallpapers, screen savers and lots more. This site also allows you to upload content from your hard disk that you might have created and stored on your computer.


MOBILE9 is among the biggest sites of the world that first came out with the concept of providing free content to all its users via online that includes free utilities and multimedia content. This site has a record of over 5 million users online using their site and a downloading record of 8 billion content already been downloaded till now. The best part of this site is that they allow their users to download free. If you are unregistered user then there is a limit on your download time. You will have to wait for few seconds for the count down to start your download when you are not registered. It offers a large variety of databases and applications including themes, ring tones, wallpapers, software’s, videos, screen savers, fun SMS messages, operator, logos and flash animations. If you are registered then it will also allow you to upload your content that you have stored on your computer. It also allow you to create self manage themes, screen savers, wallpapers and lots more.


MOBANGO is another site that has world-wide of over 5 million users supporting the content of this site. It has a wide variety collections of themes, videos, pictures, tunes, applications, and games. It has a strong discussion forum too where users can interact with each other and can share views and content with another users. The registration process of this site is very easy and quite simple. The site has been designed well and it has a great interface and features. All the popular and most common downloads of this site by the users are available in the home page of this site. The best part of this site is that now you can connect all applications and tools available on this site with some of the most popular social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Digg, Spurl and Furl. It provides you all the direct download links and those download you can transfer very easily to your mobile devices. If you are interested in developing applications then here is a great chance for you to do it as this site also offers a special accounts for all the applications developers.


IPHONE-TOOL is one of the best sites providing you complete package utilities about iPhone. It stands different from all as providing a complete gallery of iPhone themes along with Mac, DVD, Zune, Apple TV, Converter software, iPod games, secret codes and iPod tools. This site will also help you to get the best of best tools from the apple store as well. They provide variety of applications which will allow you to get an enhanced version of iPhone applications. There is a Review section available on this site which will allow you to get information about various iPhone users and its applications. There is an awesome option called the Demo option which helps users to get complete knowledge about iPhone and all its features and activities. It also has a blog on various iPhone gadgets and accessories and its related applications that helps users to be updated with all the latest information with related to iPhone.


AXEFEATHER is a site for all Axe deodorant people. when you will visit the site you will be able to see all the mind-blowing things. There are a lot of applications available in this site. Once you visit “Free Mobile Tools” you will be able to get many fun-loving application that you could use to play around with. This site has everything from a camera pictures to iPhone wallpapers including lots and lots of pictures. It has while lot of tricks available on this site. This site only provides a limited number of tools and utilities as compared to other sites.


FLYCELL is the most beautiful website when it comes to online mobile utilities. It has all the cellphone utilities including ring tones, games, animations, themes and all multimedia tools. This site has organized all of its elements as a tabbed controls. It has a beautiful structure that will be able to attract lot of visitors. This site comes best when chosen for a well structured site.


FSMIBILEZ is a popular site which allows you to get themes, along with add-on applications, wallpapers, images, screen savers, high quality videos and utilities. besides these tools and utilities, the site also offers MP4 videos, 3GP songs, secret codes, converter software, unlocking tools, iPod tools and lots more related to multimedia elements. All these functions are guaranteed by the websites that they can be used freely by all users. It has a lot of various other tools which able you to connect with various social networks like Facebook, Twitter, MySpace.

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If you know of any more such good websites, please do share here in the comments.