5 excellent tips to overcome Writers block and keep your Blog active

There are lots of things which you can do to make your blog active as well as consistent. This article is specially meant for those people who are finding it hard to make their blog consistent as well as active. Blogging is not just a way to express yourself but it’s also the way to be consistent with your work. Its always easy to start a project or blogging but what is more difficult is to continue with consistency.

5 Excellent Ways to keep your Blog active

After creating a blog, keeping the blog active and to maintain and increases the traffic is a difficult task. Every blogger will definitely face this problem of keeping the blog active some time or the other. There are various posts that can help to you overcome this writer’s block and think of the ways to find ideas for your next article. Apart from this there are few other ways to keep the blog active.

Regular Updates

People undergo the trouble of “what-to-write next” many times. To make a blog active there must be regular updates in your blog. You can make use of Google Alerts for finding new updates. Every successful blogger have followed this strategy- apart from sharing their minds they also share regular updates to make there blog actives.

Make sure you stick to the topic of the blog along with updates. If your blog belongs to entertainment section, make sure it doesn’t comes out has a fun blog. While providing updates also, it should be linked to your topic. If you’re going to be a professional about your blog, carve out the time to do it right. Never, ever, ever post a “sorry I haven’t posted lately” blog post again.

Strong grasp of English

A person should have enough knowledge about the language which will act has a medium between you and your visitors. Up the ante of delivering the Original matter. Get outside the echo chamber. Therefore the content you are providing will speak about the topic, your blog presentation and your professionalism. Hence your grammar should be perfect and strong to maintain you blog visitors and to maintain a good position in Google search engine too.

Guest Blogging

If author’s of other bloggers start visiting your blog, then it is clearly visible that your blog holds a Good position in blogosphere. Everyone starts with one or two authors for a blog, but when you emerge among the top leading blogs, and then guest bloggers in your blog will definitely increase and people will show more interest in authoring your blog. Multiple authors will increase your blog consistency.

New authors will lead to new views as every human has their own different view. Hence this will also help you in getting new topic for your article from the previous one itself. Many successful bloggers allow many guest bloggers which helps to improve the ranking of the blog. AdSense Revenue sharing plugins can help you to encourage Guest blogging.

Share your experience

When you face the problem of lack in topic for articles, even the updates are on mark and you have no more good tutorials to mention. You can share your experience in your blog. Blogs are meant to share knowledge and experience.

You can give few tips to maintain blog or mistakes not to be made while blogging, your experience in this field etc. But make sure you are not away from your topic. For example:- now when you are sharing your experience you can talk about your terrible experience while blogging or some interesting facts, but not your terrible experience with the pet puppy and his interest.

This will completely sound out of topic and people are busy enough in their life’s to read your personal pet experience. People tend to write much when it’s about them, but while writing you should be sure that you present it more in guidance way than in a story way (speaking about yourself). It should be balance and brief.

Thick understanding about your niche

After a certain period of time when you know what blogging is all about and how it works, you can settle down with one niche now. Niche is nothing but the topic you are working on currently. Your Niche should be reflected in every article, for example: If your niche is Technology, Then every article of yours should be into this filed. If you write about entertainment, Photography, Food and travel in your technology column, then this will surely not work out.

You can broaden your niche is the same filed by including related topic and items in your Blog. If you start a Blog on niche “Technology” then you can include all the new products in it and later you can follow their advantages, disadvantages, uses, experience with that product etc. Therefore these tips will surely make your blog consistent and active, if you dedicate your hard work and are passionate about it.

These were some of the things which I wanted to share among you all. I hope you all liked it, Do share your comments about the article. If you have any other important tip, then do share with us in our comment section.

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  1. I find that when I’m stuck trying to write something, I go back and look at what I just wrote. Then, instead of moving the story forward, I take the same scenario and write it in another character’s perspective. This allows me to keep “those creative juices flowing” and also develop other characters and make more than just the main character dynamic and round.

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