Exclusive: White iPhone 4 Out for Sale!

After waiting for so long, now White iPhone 4 finally reaches to the market. It would have been fine if it was delayed for a month or two, and not for Nine long months. If we compare there is not such big difference in black iPhone 4 and white iPhone 4.

The design and functions all are same except the color and few changes made by Apple to resolve some flaws existed in the original iPhone 4.

Marco Cavax was able to purchase a white iPhone 4 from 3 (carrier) Italy and has shared unboxing photos and video on iSpazio.

Check the Apple White iPhone 4 unboxing video:

First Impressions:

  • Proximity sensor expressively upgraded. We can see that. It works fine.
  • The Antennagate issue has been decreased slightly but more information will be revealing after examinations the device.
  • The Phone Charger in the video is for European power sockets.

As I told you in my previous post Apple will start selling the white iPhone 4 from 27 April and now it seems I was right. Stay tuned, More to Come!

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