What to expect in The New iPhone/iPhone 5

With the next iPad, Apple threw some limelight over the upcoming iPhone. Hardware used in The new iPad will straight way come to the next generation iPhone with some changes here and there. The next major release of this year will be the next generation iPhone, to expect Apple can name it as ‘The Next iPhone’.

iPhone 5 release

From The next iPad we can conclude that Apple doesn’t talk numbers when it is the case of hardware upgrade, unlike Samsung products. We can expect the same in The next iPhone, here’s what may come.


As of now iPhone 4S is powered by Apple A5 CPU clocked at 1GHz with two cores which came directly from the iPad 2. The same might happen in the case of next generation iPhone, where it may be powered by Apple A5X CPU. A5X is the variant of A5 CPU though the graphics engine is twice as powerful as the A5. This CPU will considerably show much increased in performance on the small iPhone device as the resolution will be nearly 4 times less bringing less load on the graphic processors.

Double RAM

iPad 2 and also iPhone 4S both run with 512MB RAM, but this time The next iPad comes with 1GB RAM which was must for this generation iPad. With such a powerful CPU the heavy apps count will be more which in turn use more amount of RAM and that’s why the same, 1GB RAM is must on iPhone 5.

Cosmetic Changes

The next iPhone is expected to have a complete design make over followed by some cosmetic changes too. As we have seen in the HTC mobile lineup this MWC, phones are coming with ceramic bodies. The next iPhone may feature the same.


A technology transforming your smartphones into a wallet, NFC may make its way into the next iPhone. It was however expected into iPhone 4S but it didn’t show up there. Since most of the other Android powered phones and soon Windows Phone is also making its way into NFC, certainly Apple will also not remain behind in this section.


Blazing fast 4G LTE support for iPhone was expected to debut in iPhone 4S but instead Apple upgraded the existing 3G support for better bandwidth. The next iPad has already showed the cake, and so 4G LTE will also make its way into next generation iPhone.

Big Display

The original follow up of 3.5inch needs to get upgraded this generation. All other smartphone players play on 4inch+ ground. Its high time for Apple to increase the display screen from 3.5inch to atleast 3.7inch or 4.0inch.

World Wide 3G Support

With 4G LTE on theĀ  mainstream, 3G will get world wide support like The next iPad. Continued to be a world phone, 3G will work as charm in all the countries where 4G LTE connectivity still lacks.