Extend Battery Life of Your Smartphones with Lilliputian Portabe Fuel Cell Charger

Most Smartphones barely hold battery life up to a day and run out of power when you need them most. Numbers of battery backup options are there but they rarely with satisfactory results. Now things should change a bit. Why? Lilliputian Systems has come up with a portable fuel cell charger that promises to give/deliver extended hours of charge time.

What is Lilliputian Portable Fuel Cell charger?

Lilliputian’s Portable Fuel Cell is a portable fuel cell charger developed by Lilliputian Systems, an American company specializing in developing portable power products for consumer electronics. The device which is around the size of a thick smartphone has the ability to charge any Smartphone over a USB cable. Its great feature is that unlike other portable chargers it does not require to be plugged into a wall for hours. Moreover, it can supply up to 14 charges with a single replaceable cartridge, ensuring you don’t run out of your battery when needed most.

How does it do this?

Lilliputian Portable Fuel cell employs a unique technology inside the fuel cell. It makes use of small cartridges filled with butane to generate power. When the gas is expended cartridge needs to be replaced. The replaceable cartridges inside are of a cigarette lighter size and can be recycled. Refills will be made available soon, online and in stores.

Why Butane?

Many chargers used methanol or sodium borohydride earlier which supported no more than lithium ion batteries. Plus, the technology employed in the fuel cell has been certified for use when travelling on aircraft.

Brookstone will be the first retailer to sell the portable USB fuel cell under its brand at locations such as shopping malls and airports. The fuel cell will be made available to the U.S consumers first. There is no word on the pricing but the portable charger is expected to cost around $ 150-250 with replaceable cartridge 2-5 $ price.

Source – CNet