10 Facebook applications which add the missing features in Facebook

Facebook well known social network known for connecting people around the world has billions of users. Facebook became very popular in a very short time since its inception because of its features, even search engine giant got scared of Facebook popularity and introduced a new social network called Google+ in rival to Facebook. Facebook already has best features besides these if you want add any other extra features you can add them by allowing third party applications to install.


Here are some best applications for Facebook which Facebook failed to include and you can get them by installing them.

1.Likejournal : Like Journal is a Facebook application which sorts all the like’s of the Facebook Fan Page that you have liked. After you log into this application in the home page you are welcomed by showing all the likes you have liked though various Fan pages.If you have friends who have installed this application in Facebook there is option to follow their like feed.


2.Circle hack: Circles feature is implemented in latest social network Google+ through which you can create friends list as your Circles. Facebook too have similar feature called Lists which functions like Circles in Google+. Log into this application there would already be circles if you have created lists for your profile friends. If you want to customize the friends list then you can do it through Circles.


3.Facebook Spectrum :This application after  installation gives you the birds eye  view of the friends in your Facebook profile like where are friends located on in world by showing locations on Google map, who among your friends have most number of albums and pictures, how many of your friends like what you like and many more. The spectrum can be downloaded in PDF format.


4.Facebook Symbols : Do you want your Facebook statuses to look different by adding special symbols in it? Then you have to bookmark a java script in this website e where you can add special symbols to Facebook statuses.


5. Face Infected: Facebook is the place where malicious programs can be easily go viral through private messages or wall links which are sent by your Facebook friends. Be aware from such viruses through Face infected program which scans your entire Facebook profile and protects you from the infected malicious programs.

6. Past Posts : This is really important feature which Facebook should have included for its users. This application brings you, your past memories which you have wrote on your Facebook wall about one year ago. your past status messages are sent to your through email and you can recollect your past memories.

7. PicknZip : Facebook gives you the option to down images but you can’t download all your Facebook account images at once. This application helps you to download all the your Facebook tagged images and image albums together packed in a Zip file or if you want to download only selected images you can download through this application.

8. Likebutton : Facebook is the medium to share content across the web. Facebook has missed the feature to show what your Facebook friends are sharing through Facebook and sometimes we need see what our friends are sharing through Facebook. Like Button is a Facebook application shows you what content your friends liked and shared through Facebook.

9. Pretty Slide : Pretty slide gives you the option to create slides for your Facebook albums. you can choose style to create slideshow for your Facebook photo album and later you can share it with your friends.

10. Booshaka : Bookshaka application shows you what’s hot in Facebook. There are various trends categorized and you can see stats for each trending topic.

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