Facebook by Fonetwish – Facebook Anywhere, Anytime, on Any phone without any Data Connection

Now this innovation will tell you, how much Facebook is important for us and it is an integral part of our life. I often called Facebook is my second home. Till now the problem is that you can’t access Facebook on your phone without any data connection on it.

But eliminating the need of data connection, U2opia Mobile brings the power of the internet to every mobile handset and every mobile consumer with its unique offering – fonetwish.

‘Fonetwish’ empowers your user to access the popular social networking site Facebook without the need of a data connection. Using the popular USSD platform to enable a handset agnostic and ubiquitous access to Facebook.

facebook by fonetwish

facebook by fonetwish

facebook by fonetwish

In emerging markets, with low smart phone penetration many users are excluded from accessing their Facebook accounts via phone. The need for ubiquitous access mechanism is a growing necessity. Facebook by Fonetwish leverages USSD as an access medium to provide every mobile user, access their Facebook accounts to carry out primary Facebook activities like posting updates, finding friends, accessing profile, browse and view news feeds on every mobile phone.

Facebook by Fonetwish is now available on BhartiAirtel in India. To use the service simply dial *325# from your mobile phone.

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  1. fonetwish is not free, it is very expensive..but i dont know how to stop.. Meseem status update is free but it is not free

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