Facebook may charge you $2 to highlight a post

While signing up for a new account on Facebook, one might come across a line which says “is free and will always be”. It implies that registration and usage of Facebook and its services will always be free. But it seems that the think-tank at Facebook headquarters intend to modify the above sentence a bit.

Facebook is testing a new feature called as Highlight which allows users to highlight a particular post and make it appear in a more prominent way in the Newsfeed of their friends. However, users will have to pay an amount of US $2 to avail this feature. Facebook is testing this feature only within its New Zealand network as for now. Users initially considered it as a spam offer when they were presented with an option to highlight their post for $2.

But later, Facebook confirmed that it was indeed a test feature, as according to spokeswoman Mia Garlick, “We’re constantly testing new features across the site. This particular test is simply to gauge people’s interest in this method of sharing with their friend”.

Users who tested the Highlight feature were asked to pay either via PayPal or through a credit card. This might seem to be an interesting feature as users will want to highlight their important posts or updates and ensure that everyone gets to see it through their respective NewsFeed but it might also spark off a feeling of frustration among other users after seeing so many highlighted posts in their NewsFeed, leading to a not-so-good visual appearance of posts. Also, this feature will have to be limited to a few regions as in the developing countries, users will think a dozen times before shelling out $2 to highlight their post (In India, $2 equals to INR 107 approx).

So all in all, the Highlight feature may not be that big a success.

What do you think?


  1. Wait, so is this the same “Highlight” feature that is currently part of Facebook fan pages? Because I’m interested as to why they’d charge the average user for something that is currently free in another form (heck, I have my own facebook fan page related to my YouTube channel).

  2. Why the hell Facebook needs those $2? People are very much addicted to Facebook these days and it seems like Mark has decided to earn from their addiction!

  3. Oh My God. Again Update. Please Facebook Stop your testing, update and all. :)
    BTW I think no will pay $2 to highlight there post.

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