Facebook to allow free Wi-Fi service for users?

Facebook users, ever slyly squandered in a coffee shop, slowly sneaking up in front of the counter asking for the Wi-Fi password every time you intend to check-in? Well you won’t have to face any such moments later on as Facebook has got some real innovative plans for folks akin: Free Wi-Fi!

Yes, you heard it right. The social media giant has plans to test a ‘new Wi-Fi hot spot service for local businesses that grants users free Internet access if they do a Facebook check-in. Businesses would provide the access via a Facebook router that directs customers to the business’s Facebook page once users check in.

 “We are currently running a small test with a few local businesses of a Wi-Fi router that is designed to offer a quick and easy way to access free Wi-Fi after checking in on Facebook. When you access Facebook Wi-Fi by checking in, you are directed to your local business’s Facebook Page. Some stores may also offer deals or specials when you check in. “
– Facebook Spokesperson

Developer Tom Waddington takes the credit for discovering this after finding a new entry called as ‘social wifi’ in the “Like sources” section of the Insights API. With the idea supposed to have born in a Facebook hackathon, Facebook Wi-Fi can turn out to be a boon for its users, especially the ones owning a business brand/page through which they can enable location services on and later check-in through the Wi-Fi service, allowing their fans/members to seamlessly interact with the page on the social platform.

While businesses would still provide the Internet access, Facebook would provide a router, thus allowing the page owners to monitor the number of likes gained from people using the Wi-Fi service. However, Facebook Wi-Fi is presently in test mode so there is no assurance of this service being a part and parcel of Facebook’s offerings to the user in the future. It may get finalized later on or be simply dumped along the way, as other hackathon ideas have been.

But if it does, then it surely is a novel idea, more for Facebook page owners running a business or a brand.